"Diapers n' Damsels" Relief Society Activity

When I was thinking about what to do for an activity, I knew I wanted it to be service related first and foremost. As a woman's organization it seemed not only appropriate, but essential that we support other woman. I decided on a service dedicated towards mother's in need- our local Pregnancy Resource Center. As I pondered on both the execution of such an activity and the type of service, a memory came to mind.
Shortly after having my third baby, while roaming the Church hallway, a sister in the ward who had been my minister years ago, handed me a small gift bag. She informed me that "it was nothing" and inside there was a bottle of Aquaphor ointment. Before I go on you must know that my children have incredibly sensitive skin as newborn babes, so much so that although diapers were changed immediately, there were days and weeks where their bums would be red, sore and even bled through their pores when I wiped them. They were in pain and I was in emotional distress. As a first time mom (and one who doesn't have parents to call upon and had zero experience with children prior to giving birth) I thought this was normal. A phase. An awful phase. I had tried every over the counter butt paste to no avail and even resorted to baths after each number two instead of using wipes. One day, in the middle of changing a diaper I ran out of butt paste. I looked over at the counter in search for another, instead I saw the bottle of Aquaphor. I thought to myself, "well, I'll just use this until I can get to the store and buy more butt paste." So, I applied it. I was left astonished at the very next diaper change. My baby's bum had nearly completely healed in just a couple of hours! It was nothing short of a miracle and from that day on, my delicate babies bums never had to endure anguish and tears from sore, bleeding bums. This simple gift left an immense impact on my babies and I, and nearly every time I've applied that ointment, that sweet sister comes to mind.
And so, with that memory the inspiration was born, "Diapers and Damsel's". At our "Diapers and Damsels" activity, we made brown paper bags with a few of our favorite things. Inside these gift bags contained essential items that every mom should have or at the very least be educated on from personal experience. Our "From Mom to Mom," gift bags included small bottles of baby shampoo, wipes, quotes dedicated to mothers from our beloved apostles, nutritional snacks, a list of more helpful items and tips via a poem and of course, aquaphor packets. Additionally, we held a diaper drive and collected more baby items from sisters in our ward including eight big plastic bins of beautiful hand knitted baby blankets from one dear sister. Our night of woman empowerment did not stop there, we coordinated with a local police officer and another brother to teach a Self-Defense class and thus, Damsel's in distress were no more ;)
I am ever so grateful to that sister who brought me so much relief. I think we often reserve our gestures until we can come up with the means for a big one, don't allow the fanciness of that hold you back. When prompted with a small gesture, do it, for they may lead to great many things.