About Us

Hello! I am Mrs. Weldon and I married an artist! I had no idea was that meant when we tied the knot, but ten years and four children later, here we are. Our marriage has taught me that my husband, Matthew, has a deep passion for creating. He is a concept illustrator for comics and (before we married and completely unbeknownst to me) his work in New Brighton Archeological Society, published by Image, earned him Best Artist of the Year in 2009 by MTV and was nominated for a Harvey Award. Creating characters and worlds for comics and art for your wall is what he lives for and did during his spare time from family and his daytime job.
When we were a month away from me popping out our third child, Matthew lost his job in 2018. Much uncertainty laid ahead and with obvious terrible timing, I said, "You know what babe, if you want to try doing this comics thing full time, let's do it." God blessed us along the way and soon Punchline, which was published by Antarctic Press, was chosen for Free Comic Book Day in 2019. Since then, he has continued to labor in the comic industry full-time. As long as Matthew can help it he will create, it's in his blood! So, I decided to further support and start this little small family business endeavor online and give ya'll a chance to see what we have to offer! And yes, we are Texan lol We hope you love our products and enjoy it!